HOG Lifetime Mileage Program

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With the H.O.G. Mileage Lifetime Program you can earn pins, patches and medallions – simply by riding your Harley.

The cost: FREE and is included with your National H.O.G. membership.

If you're not already a Chapter H.O.G. member, join us

How to get started

  • 1. First thing is to ENROLL your Harley with HOG. Complete the application and Enrolment portion of the H.O.G. Mileage Program Form. Don't skip any lines and fill in all information clearly.
  • Note: HOG Mileage Program Form is used as Data Information Document as Program is administered online at The Dealership. [faxing no longer used]
  • 2. Take the form and Your Harley to Gainesville Harley-Davidson [The Dealership] and have a staff member verify Data Information, then Enter your information into the online Lifetime Mileage Program.
  • 3. Be sure to thank The Dealership staff member for their time.

How to earn stuff

  • 1. After Enrolling Your Harley (see above) you'll now earn pins and patches by completing mileage levels. Complete the HOG Mileage Program Form once again, but this time you'll be REPORTING MILEAGE on the lower portion of the form.
  • 2. Take the form and Your Harley to The Dealership and have a Dealership staff memeber verify the data and enter data using online Lifetime Mileage Program.
  • 3. Be sure to thank The Dealership staff member for their time.
  • 4. You can see your Mileage Report in your HOG Account online hog.com by navigating to "LIVE TO RIDE/RIDE365"

Special medallions and rockers will be awarded for various 10,000 mile achievements. Awards continue beyond the 300,000 mile level at 50,000 increments.

Other Info

After REPORTING MILEAGE, be patient as it will take several weeks before you receive patches and pins in the mail. Make sure your current address is on the form, as this is where H.O.G. will be mailing items to you.

You may enroll more than 1 Harley

this page updated January 16, 2019

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  • 03-02 Pancake Breakfast-SRVFD
  •     GNV H-D Front Porch Hangout     Azalea Festival, Palatka
  • 03-08 thru 03-10 Ft. Meyers Overnite
  • 03-08 thru 03-17 70th Daytona Bike Week
  • 03-09 GNV H-D Bike Week Kickoff
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  • 03-14 thru 03-17 Gator Nat'ls, Gainesville
  • 03-13 Photo Contest Deadline
  •     K-9 Veterans Day
  • 03-14 GHOG Officers' Mtg
  • 03-21 GHOG Chapter Meeting
  • 03-23 SMART Training
  •     BOK Tower, Lake Wales
  • 03-30 VA Veteran Tribute Ride, G'ville
  • 03-31 LOH Ride
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  • 04-06 Pancake Breakfast-SRVFD
  •     GNV H-D Front Porch Hangout     O'Leno Ole Chili Cook Off
  • 04-07 Webster Cycle & Auto Swap Meet
  • 04-10 Photo Contest Deadline
  • 04-11 GHOG Officer Mtg
  • 04-11 thru 04-13 Cajun Country HOG Rally
  • 04-13 Renegades on the River Ride
  • 04-18 GHOG Chapter Mtg
  • 04-20 Ocala Grand Prix karting
  • 04-26 thru 04-28 Leesburg Bikefest
  • 04-28 LOH Ride
  • 05-01 thru 05-05 Thunder Beach Spring Rally
  • 05-04 Pancake Breakfast-SRVFD
  •     GNV H-D Front Porch Hangout     Beckwith Firing Range

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