HOG Grunts

H.O.G. Grunts are an explanation of common terms used by National and local H.O.G. Chapter members.

Chapter Gathering:
The purpose of a Chapter gathering is to do business, share information, and have fun. All Chapter Members are encouraged to attend. Meetings are held monthly the third Thursday beginning at 6:00 p.m. upstairs in the G.H.O.G. Meeting Room of Gainesville Harley-Davidson.

Gainesville Chapter News:
This is the name of the newsletter of the Gainesville H.O.G. Chapter, which is published monthly.

Chapter Officers:
There are four Primary Officers, which are: Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are nine Discretionary Officers, which are: Activities, Ladies of Harley Officer, Editor, Historian, Membership Officer, Photographer, Head Road Captain (and team Road Captains), Safety Officer, and Webmaster. In the Gainesville H.O.G. Chapter, Primary Officers are appointed by the Dealership and Discretionary Officers are appointed by the Primary Officers and the Dealership. Appointments are made annually.

Chapter Website (www.gainesvillehog.org ):
This is the official website of the Gainesville H.O.G. Chapter. Its features include a calendar, photo archives, membership information, and Chapter members only section (which contains the monthly newsletters and meeting minutes).

Hogbytes is a email announcement that is sent out to our membership to remind them of upcoming events, short notice events, announcements and any short notice information that our members might like to know before then next Chapter Gathering.

Chapter Event Types:

  • Closed Events = only Chapter members and up to one guest per member.
  • Open Events = are those Chapter events which are open to Chapter members, national H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.
  • Member events = are events that are open only to H.O.G. members (guests and visitors not permitted)
  • INFO = Informational events for the benefit of our Chapter members, but not sponsored or controlled by our Chapter.

Gainesville Harley-Davidson (G H-D):
This is the Gainesville H.O.G. Chapter's sponsoring Dealership.

This is the official website of the National Harley Owners Group. Go to www.hog.com to get the latest news on national and local H.O.G. events, register for H.O.G. rallies, renew your national membership, and more. There is a password-protected "members only section", where you must set up an account to be able to access the information contained there.

H.O.G. Magazine:
This is the official magazine of National H.O.G. It is a member benefit to all full members of H.O.G. It is published quarterly (and replaces both the old HOGTales and The Enthusiast). It has feature articles, rally updates, and more.

Ladies of Harley (L.O.H.):
This promotes women's enjoyment of motorcycling as riders or passengers. Membership in National L.O.H. is open to all National H.O.G. members as a free benefit, but it is not automatic. To join, update your Member Profile on hog.com or call 1.800.CLUBHOG.

National H.O.G. Rally Types:
For more information on any of these types of rallies, go to www.hog.com or the H.O.G. Magazine.

  • Club H.O.G. : Annual rally of National H.O.G. members from around the world. It includes an expo, demo rides, music, and much more. It is at a new location each year.
  • Hub Rally : Park your stuff in one hotel and ride out daily to tour the sites.
  • Touring Rally : Rally moves from starting point to final destination, usually with stops along the way. Spans days or weeks, depending on distance.
  • Posse Ride : This is a hard-riding expansion of a H.O.G. Touring Rally. This is usually a cross-country experience and will take approximately 3 weeks.
  • Pin Stop : These are specific rallies and motorcycle events designated by National H.O.G. H.O.G. members attending these events must show their National H.O.G. cards to receive an event pin from National H.O.G.

Officers Meeting:
The purpose of these meetings is to plan member meetings and events and address Chapter business. It is usually held the second Thursday of each month at the Dealership. The date is subject to change.

Participation Points:
Active local Chapter members receive Gainesville Harley Davidson Dealer Points for taking part in certain Chapter and Dealer Events.

Poker Run:
Fund raisers sponsored by some local H.O.G. Chapters, usually as Open Events (all brands of bikes are welcome). In a traditional poker run, riders follow a planned route, drawing playing cards at stops along the way to build a poker hand. Top hands win prizes.

Road Captains:
These are experienced Chapter riders who plan and lead Chapter-sponsored group rides. They are appointed annually. Road Captain meetings are when Road Captains plan rides and discuss road captain duties.

H.O.G. Rally:
Most States and Canadian provinces sponsor annual rallies. The rallies are open to all National H.O.G. members and non-H.O.G. members who are sponsored by members. Activities vary depending on the State or province putting on the rally. For a list of the rally and dates each year, go to www.hog.com or the H.O.G. Magazine. Formerly referred to as "State H.O.G. Rally."

These are individual Chapter members who step up serve as Chapter Officers or, to help plan or carry out Chapter or Dealership events such as Poker Runs, Open Houses, parties, and picnics.

Our thanks to Ft. Washington Maryland H.O.G. Chapter for the inspiration for this document.

this page updated January 16, 2019

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GHOG Activities Calendar

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  • 03-02 Pancake Breakfast-SRVFD
  •     GNV H-D Front Porch Hangout     Azalea Festival, Palatka
  • 03-08 thru 03-10 Ft. Meyers Overnite
  • 03-08 thru 03-17 70th Daytona Bike Week
  • 03-09 GNV H-D Bike Week Kickoff
  •     SMART Training
        New Smyrna Bch Bike Races
  • 03-14 thru 03-17 Gator Nat'ls, Gainesville
  • 03-13 Photo Contest Deadline
  •     K-9 Veterans Day
  • 03-14 GHOG Officers' Mtg
  • 03-21 GHOG Chapter Meeting
  • 03-23 SMART Training
  •     BOK Tower, Lake Wales
  • 03-30 VA Veteran Tribute Ride, G'ville
  • 03-31 LOH Ride
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  • 04-06 Pancake Breakfast-SRVFD
  •     GNV H-D Front Porch Hangout     O'Leno Ole Chili Cook Off
  • 04-07 Webster Cycle & Auto Swap Meet
  • 04-10 Photo Contest Deadline
  • 04-11 GHOG Officer Mtg
  • 04-11 thru 04-13 Cajun Country HOG Rally
  • 04-13 Renegades on the River Ride
  • 04-18 GHOG Chapter Mtg
  • 04-20 Ocala Grand Prix karting
  • 04-26 thru 04-28 Leesburg Bikefest
  • 04-28 LOH Ride
  • 05-01 thru 05-05 Thunder Beach Spring Rally
  • 05-04 Pancake Breakfast-SRVFD
  •     GNV H-D Front Porch Hangout     Beckwith Firing Range

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